Farberware Air Fryer Toaster Oven Review

Are you facing problems with having too many kitchen appliances for a small kitchen space? It looks like a mess, and it’s hard to work in a cramped kitchen. Looking for ways to save space in your kitchen?

Then you would definitely love to learn about the best small toaster oven in the recent oven industry called “Farberware. Why?

It’s innovative and has the great bonus of “No Oil, No Splatter, No Mess!” Farberware air fryer toaster oven can produce whatever you might dream of and only takes up a small amount of space in your kitchen.

Kitchen Sleuth’s research team analyzes the characteristics, features, pros, and cons of this premium brand toaster oven! Is it a suitable oven for you or not? 

In the in-depth review, we will discover more about it. So let’s start the journey.

Farberware Air Fryer Toaster Oven: 101

Before we review the Farberware air fryer toaster oven, let’s talk about the Farberware brand. Farberware is a renowned brand of cookware that started its journey 120 years ago.

It is the 4th most prominent brand of cookware. It’s rated 8th in the domestic equipment and appliances out of 150 premium brands. They are undoubtedly reliable and highly popular worldwide. 

Although it is an American brand, it is globally renowned for its products. This is because they have other awesome equipment for the kitchen. Among them, Farberware’s air fryer toaster oven is a multifunctional & dynamic kitchen gadget!

Toasting is the primary task of the product. Aside from that, it may be used for baking, roasting, and heating. You will surely be impressed with the overall durability & performance!

In-Depth Review


Cooking is similar to the art or playing a song. Just as various colors or notes exist, so different tastes are there.“— Wolfgang Puck.

We agree with W. Puck! Cooking is most often compared to art! To ensure excellent tasting foods, you need premium equipment. 

One of the most crucial pieces of equipment in the kitchen industry is an oven or an air fryer toaster oven. The king of all the toasters, Farberware Air Fryer Toaster Oven, is our main focus today! 

Cooking seems an easy & hassle-free job if you have no oil or no mess! It’s the primary motto of Farberware.

You can recognize the statement is entirely right. There are numerous functions in all-in-one cooking. Fried fries, baked spaghetti, and even frozen pizza; you can prepare everything in this simple oven.

In addition, it can air fry the food without oil, which makes the meal more healthy. Fast circulation of hot air at the right temperature makes for extraordinary flavor. What about durability? Is it up to the mark? 

Don’t worry! Qualified professionals are behind the quality of this brand. They produce all Farberware items with great care. The overall operating system is relatively easy and user-friendly. The user interface is an essential factor. Chefs or home cooks love an easy-to-use device.

It may even be used by children or elderly. In addition, the handbook is supplied to make it easy for everybody. This isn’t all, and it’s time now to get to know the main functions & features.

Key Specification

  • Basic dimension: 17.5 x 15.98 x 12.76 inches.
  • Weight: 22.2 pounds.
  • Power: 1800 watts 
  • Temperature Range: 150-450 degrees F 
  • Display Type: Digital

Main Functions

  • Heat circulation through convection is solid and quick.
  • Built-up Time Manager for 60 minutes.
  • Auto shut off option.
  • No oil, mess, or splashes.
  • Baking, Heating & Roasting.
  • Act as air fryer too.
  • Easy to use.

Key Features

Farberware is an American cookware company. It is highly rated for being one of America’s most extensive cookware and bakery products for stainless steel and an innovative brand in pots and cupboards. 

Due to their affordability and durability, their kitchen equipment is getting more and more followers. We evaluate their best characteristics below!

Dynamic Construction:

This product is composed of beautiful stainless steel & offers excellent quality. It fits on every countertop effortlessly. There is no trouble building a toaster oven with an additional rack. 

The product size is 12W x 6Hx 12D centimeters. It is a large enough oven for an extended family.

Easy to Operate:

Some features are provided to make it easy to use. The display and the configuration are simple. In addition, your working time might be reduced to up to 1 hour. An automated shut-off mechanism is also available. It saves a lot of power over running a regular oven.

Five Methods for Cooking:

As we pointed out before, the advantage is that this particular premium branded oven provides you the luxury of baking, heating, toasting, roasting, and air frying. 

Therefore, it’s great to have this excellent toaster for air frying bacon, delicious burgers, nutritious fries, and pizza.

Operating System:

The frying oven operates at 150-450°F temperatures. The electricity of 1800 watts is needed for this model. In air frying, heat circulation and convection control are up to the mark. The proper temperature distribution throughout your food makes your meal cook evenly and taste great.

Toaster’s Outlook:

A sophisticated appearance and high-quality electric construction make it a great product. In addition, it is convenient with three racks. You monitor your food as it cooks through a transparent glass door. The digital screen is easy to read.

Cleaning Process:

Thanks to the company for making it safe for dishwashing. The inside layout is likewise simple, and the racks can be removed quickly. So it’s no trouble to clean the oven.

Pre-Programmed User-Friendly Setting:

You won’t be left alone by this fantastic Air Fryer Toaster Oven. It assists you with some basic pre-programmed cooking settings. The temperature and time of certain foods are listed for reference on the side.

Digital Panel Display

There are very few ovens that come with a display. If the dial labels fade away, it is such a disappointment. You can’t control it anymore and it becomes hard to operate.

Fortunately, the Farberware is not one of those air fryer toasters! It comes with an ultra-modern digital display. In this approach, the correct time/temperature can always be achieved for any meal.

The display lights up even better at night. To see the screen, you won’t have to pause. 

Automatic Shut Off Option

Do you ever fear you forgot to switch off your kitchen gadget when you are out? This is a common problem. This is why Farberware includes a safety function. 

When the cooking time has finished, it will shut off automatically.

Who Should Purchase a Farberware Air Fryer Oven?

  • Those who lack kitchen space and want to replace several appliances with one piece of equipment will love this oven.
  • This product is for those people who wish to cook faster.
  • Those people who are new in the cooking world will love this oven for sure. This toaster is user-friendly and, of course, easy to use.
  • This product is terrific if you need the best budget toaster oven.

Advantages of Farberware Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Modern and Smart Design:

Both the interior and exterior are steel. The steel prevents the residues from building up in the oven’s walls. 

Some customers say that it’s simple to clean after using it, even if items like melted cheese are cooked.

Reasonable Price: 

The price is reasonable though it is the combo of fryer & toaster oven. Some of the same models in other manufacturers frequently exceed $150, and you don’t have to compromise noticeable features for the better price. It’s pretty incredible, we think.

More Presets:

This unit includes predefined routines for several meals, such as french fries, whole chicken, steak, and toast. It also has pizza cooking and baking features.

More Versatile Oven:

This model offers four daily cooking choices which combine the convenience of regular ovens (such as cooking, reheating, defrosting) and air-frying ranges capable of baking, grilling, cooking slowly, and even dehydration.

A standard oven, an air fryer, and a grill may be replaced simply by this device. It’s therefore perfect for small spaces.

Extra-Large capacity: 

Its wide interior is one of the most remarkable functions, and consumers love it. It’s small yet can accommodate a whole chicken without cluttering the counter.

Drawbacks of Farberware Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Problems in the Isolation: 

The most unfavorable remark on this model is the isolation process! 

Users reported that a significant deal of heat was released in the room when it was operated. Even though the food within is not burnt, sometimes smoke occurs. In addition, the knobs occasionally grow extremely hot, and it is challenging to handle.

No Indoor light: 

In contrast to other air-fryers, the Farberware has no inside light for frequent inspection. So when the food is cooked without opening the oven door, it cannot be seen.

Ordinary shipping box packaging: 

Some unfortunate complaints showed that the oven’s packaging was not that great and the goods inside were already damaged when they received the unit.

The door glass caused the most severe damage, and the tines or bumps were placed at the top of the heating element.

Final Thoughts

There aren’t many negative remarks on this air fryer toaster oven from a technical point of view. Moreover, it looks to be quite strong and executes all functions quite well.

This model stands out due to its low price tag and big oven capacity, which provides a significant edge over other manufacturers.

On the negative side, the heat problem occurs a few times; nevertheless, it does not appear in all units. In a word, it could be an awesome deal! 


How to clean the Farberware air fryer toaster oven?

Place the basket and holder in the dishwasher and run until they are clean and fresh. You can also rinse and wipe using a gentle brush or cloth.

To remove dust or food residue, clean the exterior unit with a damp cloth and some cooking spray.

What foods can you prepare with a Farberware air fryer toaster oven?

It is the perfect fryer for grilling, baking, roasting, fried onion rings and even desserts.

It cooks food with hardly any oil, and saves fat and calories compared with conventional frying.

What is the Wattage of the Farberware Air Fryer Toaster Oven?

The Farberware air fryer toaster oven has 1800 watts of power, which is quite a lot for a piece of small kitchen equipment. This means it will immediately heat up to a high temperature before cooking delicious, crispy meals.